Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Eastern Youth - s/t 1993

1 守るべきものは何か(Mamoru-beki Mono-wa Nani-ka)What those which it should protect as for?
2 手懐けられた犬 (Tenazuke-rareta Inu)The hand the dog which harbors
3 燃え盛る大地 (Moesakaru Daichi)Burning the ground which you pile up
4 街は陽炎の中に在った (Machi-wa Kagerou-no Naka-ni Atta)The town was in heat waves
5 飼い主を噛み殺せ (Kainushi-wo Kamikorose)Look at the owner and kill
6 散り行く花 (Chiriyuku Hana)Scattering the flower which goes
7 今、警報を鳴らせ (Ima, Keihou-wo Narase)Now, sound the warning
8 昇る朝日浴びて (Noboru Asahi Abite)Asahi which it climbs pouring
9 故郷 (Furusato)Home
10 名も無き男 (Namonaki Otoko)The man who is not either name
11 死刑台に送り込め (Shikeidai-ni Okurikome)Send to the capital punishment stand


No pictures, and Babelfish is about as accurate as a handgrenade.

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