Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cracker Jacks - Live @ Gate3 (AUDIO ONLY)

1. What A Joke
2. Frosty Smile
3. Power Song
4. Animal Song
5. Drink Beer
6. What A Joke
7. Our Future
8. Try
9. Power Song
10. They Love Money
11. Frosty Smile
12. Drink Beer

Ripped from the DVD.
Show seems to be from 1986-1989 by video quality

Get it Here:



  1. thank you!why does this blog seem to deliver day after day??

  2. Always putting up What I have.

    And you guys kicked ass at The Killtime in Philly back in 2000. I should have followed you to the after party with my buddy Matt, but had my dog to take care of.