Saturday, March 13, 2010

仁籟 - 古狼の血涙 Demo Tape

5 tracks, no listing

Less metal sounding then there later releases

Get it Here:



  1. Whats up Matt...stopping by to grab those LRF EPs and the "True As Steel" comp. I'm hooked on the LRF stuff...thanks again for pointing them out. Good shit!

    You wouldn't happen to have any other Clampdown would ya?


  2. No, no more clampdown as of now. The lead sinnger/drummer from LRF is the drummer for clampdown though.

    And has a new LRF CD. It's the same as the 2xCD Yet more rough & the smooth, but in chronolgical order. DAmn bootleg , the tracks listed are ripped right from the 2xCD. My dog ate my original (!!!!!) and It's $40 to get another from Japan. SO I got the Bootleg, but It's nothing new. Clampdown is the only active band.

    There's a New band called Zange is Ex- Straight Force For Men
    and Retrogressive 3 Chords has at least 1 person from Bugs Bunny (oi of japan vol. 2). Gotta read the flyers at the bands BBS's for currenbt stuff. My Japanese translator is getting divorced and things are iffy if I'll keep in touch.

    And I am dead broke. Milwaukees Best time.

  3. Could you update the link and put some new links in others ?please so many great stuff that dont exist anymore and i'm really interested in listenning!

  4. Nothing gets put back up. Everything has been taken down and put up 3 times already.