Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Just a link to something relevant to Japanese Punk + Oi!, and the reason it is hard to come by outside of Japan. Caught my attention, and I can not vouch for the validity of the statements, but seems to be based on solid ground. Can anyone in Japan confirm this please? 日本からのこれを読めば、私はこれのあなたの意見を頂く。 ちょうどメッセージを残しなさい: Comments
それは匿名である場合もあり英語に書かれる必要がない。 私は翻訳してもいい。

Get it Here:http://www.hellodamage.com/top/2010/01/23/j-punk-vs-western-is-it-just-fashion-or-what/

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