Saturday, January 15, 2011

Growl Strike / Bulldog Hercules - Warrior Of Land

Growl Strike
01. Nen ikkeki
02. 宵待草
03. Rise Up
04. 一国の土と成る
05. 花一輪

Bulldog Hercules
06. 目覚めよ 魂
07. Terase らせよ , 月よ
08. 我が 精神
09. 朝日我を待つ
10. 欲望の果て

Originally a cassette, but later released on CD. Some of the Kanji I couldn't find, and the ones I have may not be 100% correct. Tryingt o piece the last ones together from free radicals is hard when you can't speak the language at all.

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