Monday, November 7, 2011

Japanese Movement vinyl rip @256k

Full scans included!

Get it Here:DOWNLOAD


  1. Why does a Japanese guy have a White Power symbol tattooed on his arm????

  2. It's been said before, but that is one of the guys from Bull the Dougs. They were obsessed with skrewdriver when this was put out. And the Japanese movement died basically right after that.
    The whole idea of Racisim in Japan is hard to grasp. It's not frowned upon because it doesn't exist in the same way it does in Europe/USA. They are an island country, where everyone was the same. The only difference was Class, not race. There is some discrimiantion with the Koreans there, and also right wing groups that I am not familiar with. Really, you would have to live there for a while to get a good grasp on the society. But basically to sum it up (without talking to him myself) he probably just wanted a tattoo of a band he liked. There is a great interview here: with one of they people from BTD, who went from oi to Ska and now are "The Determinations".
    Anyone in Japan care to add anything or tell me I'm completely wrong and talking out of my ass feel free to clear this up. I'm no expert.