Thursday, December 15, 2011

Humpty Dumpty - What A Nerve You Have

1 What A Nerve You Have
2 Go Ahead For Myself
3 A Ration System
4 Sat Is All
5 Shake One's Fist
6 Flank Life
7 Section?
8 So The Youth
9 Rakish Way
10 Society Is Like A Fester
11 The Car


Get it Here:DOWNLOAD


  1. thanks for this album this band is new for me, ive heard just one song from this band ill check it out. By the way how you get japanese bands lyrics, is there any link somewhere? thanks again!

  2. No where to get lyrics besides inserts that I know of.

    Also, check out Acidic Soil. There are members of HD in that band. I've got all the 7" up here, and 2 more HD records too.

  3. Why is some link do not work can u fix it please!?
    I'd like to get this album for example!

  4. mediafire shut down the account. nothing is going back up.