Saturday, February 11, 2012

Doc Oi - This Is Straight Hate

A1 The Riot Of Anti Government
A2 Dream & Desire
B1 Fuckin' U.S.A.
B2 Where Are Your Eyes
B3 This Is Straight Hate


Get it Here:DOWNLOAD


  1. Is it alright if I make a request? I don't know if you take requests... I've been looking for some Nukey Pikes albums (apart from 3 Men and a Monkey) and can't seem to find them anywhere since the megaupload links have been taken down. I dunno if you have any but it'd be great if you could upload some. If you can't then no problem. Either way, thanks for all the great music you've put up here. :)

  2. Sorry, but I don't have any Nukey Pikes. I did find a cheap one for sale in Germany though.

  3. The mediafire account has been suspended, am I shit out of luck on getting these albums?

  4. Yup, but all the Doc Oi are on Youtube if you want to do through the trouble of ripping from there.