Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Aggro Knuckle and Bound For Glory - Split CD

AK/BFG Split CD Respect & Honor East Meets West
by Yellowside Records



1. Violence nocturne'13
2. Yellow side
3. You are my nightmare
4. B.D.I.B
5. Behold the Rising sun flag
6. We resist pressure
7. UNION SONG part.3

Bound For Glory(USA)

1. Vindication
2. American Roulette
3. Boogeyman
4. Dodging Bullets
5. Feed the Machine
6. Renegade
7. We are!

Also, BRE/AK split CD
Blood Red Eagle (Aus) VS Aggro Knuckle (Jap)
But it Here:

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